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Gutters Foaming With Blood – Denial and Inversion

Observers of the news will have, of late, been made aware of several of those delightful little vignettes we are periodically treated to as a result of Western Europe’s policy of colonising their own countries with hostile 3rd world populations. … Continue reading

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To Pyrrhus In Heaven – Remembering Major John Pitcairn At The Battle of Bunker Hill

“Break and let the Marines through!”  Cried a gruff Scotsman’s voice through the smoke and fog at the foot of the crimson-stained hill. “If they won’t get out of the way we’ll bayonet the buggers!” Pressing forward, a Major, bound … Continue reading

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On The Happenings In Paris

France is once again the scene of impassioned protests as French antifa and members of the far Left cluster up at Saint Michel fountain and the city’s Latin Quarter to condemn the recent killing of antifa skinhead (thus far, no … Continue reading

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On The Multiculti Payroll

I first saw this on AmRen the other day and it honestly didn’t surprise me, a blue flyer that reads in black print, “SUMMER JOBS:  Teach Tolerance, Fight Hate Groups, Seek Justice!  Pays $1,420 to $2,260/mo FULL TIME/CAREER  Call Sam: … Continue reading

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Birthday Anniversary of King George III

On this day, June 4th, 1738 George III was born at Norfolk House, St. James’ Square in London.  George was perhaps what we would refer to today as an extremely gifted child.  History, agriculture and constitutional law were among his … Continue reading

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