On The Multiculti Payroll

I first saw this on AmRen the other day and it honestly didn’t surprise me, a blue flyer that reads in black print, “SUMMER JOBS:  Teach Tolerance, Fight Hate Groups, Seek Justice!  Pays $1,420 to $2,260/mo FULL TIME/CAREER  Call Sam: 215-564-0361

‘Hmmm, I thought.  That slogan sure sounds familiar!’

I’d heard from several friends that a few campuses in the Mid-Atlantic and probably other parts of the country have had “community organizers” affiliated with the SPLC handing out flyers to locals and students alike.  So…tell me again how the radical Left isn’t the status quo, as they are trying so desperately to convince all of us that they are on the defense and under the boot of some imaginary white oppressor Archie Bunker boogeyman?  I’m having a devil of a time trying to figure that one out.  At any rate, I urge anyone made aware of this to call the number and engage in honest, civil debate with Monsieur Sam about what he thinks constitutes a “hate” group.  Surely, if, by the very definition he would include La Raza, Code Pink (openly admits it does not allow men to take leading roles in its group) and, the obvious, itself, because as far as any advocate of freedom of speech and the freedom of association is concerned, no finer, more shining example of a hate group could exist under the sun than the Southern Poverty Law Center, then he would remain consistent with the ideals he’s upholding and summarily resign his position.  But somehow, I don’t expect that to happen.

Doubtless, any answer you get upon calling this bleedingly anti-white fellow will involve dancing around the question and from him prompt a series of laughable mental gymnastics that attempt to justify and rationalize efforts to vilify and silence white traditionalist-minded people and particularly white, straight males, but the answer should be entertaining nonetheless.

It has to be said that I do not condone nor encourage harassment of any type, as that is the dishonourable and cowardly behavior they more often than not employ with pride upon us.  What this organization needs is to be questioned and shown their blatant hypocrisy which, again, they will likely justify, but the issues must be addressed.

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