On The Happenings In Paris


NI OUBLI! NI PARDON! (Photo credit: strassenstriche.net)

France is once again the scene of impassioned protests as French antifa and members of the far Left cluster up at Saint Michel fountain and the city’s Latin Quarter to condemn the recent killing of antifa skinhead (thus far, no MSM source out there, that I have come across has revealed the fact that Meric, himself was a skinhead, whilst they are quick to point out that his killers were) and to call for a nationwide ban on “far-right groups and organizations”.  And of course, as expected, socialist president Francois Hollande couldn’t agree more on those demands.

But I’ve noticed something.  Something that, naturally was to be expected from the MSM.

No more are we hearing much news on the killers of Drummer Lee Rigby, are we?  In fact, we’re hearing plenty of clamorous moanings and public sobbing from the same leftist ilk that made excuses for Muslims all across Britain and the continent for celebrating his death and hailing his murderers as heroes.  It comes of no surprise that it’s a river of tears and eardrum-rattling wails from the same breed of upstarts who unabashedly praised the monthly bombings of Golden Dawn’s headquarters over the last few years.

For let us not forget, Meric is being labeled by every source out there as simply, a “leftist”.  Well, that could denote quite a colourful array of things, couldn’t it?  They deliberately paint him with an innocuous brush to divert attention from the fact that he was, more specifically, antifa.  He was a member of Action Antifasciste, known to us in the Anglosphere as Antifascist Action, a loose organization of aggressive, hostile, deeply and emotionally disturbed leftist thugs who have, from their inception been notorious for initiating and taking part in physical violence and brutish, cowardly acts against those they deem as “neo-nazis”, which would basically include anyone who doesn’t tow the multicultural line and embrace diversity on every degenerate level.  I mean, after all, this is the same clownish crowd that deems neocons like Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter as “neo-nazis”.


ANTIFA STENCIL (Photo credit: seven_resist)

No, Meric wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill left-wing, unkempt, oily-haired peacenik calling for an end to MSG-based food products and bullying in the public schools.  They can spin it however they like to suit their agenda, but the reality is that Meric was part of an organization that has never and will never have qualms about utilizing the apish tactics of brute-force violence to get their message across.  It should be once again noted that Meric and his crew of friends were in a Fred Perry store in Rue de Caumartin.  But again, no mention that he was a red, “anti-racist” skinhead, which anyone even remotely familiar with that scene would know full well that he, based on that flashing red clue was.  Antifa are rooted in violence.  There are hundreds of them locked up behind bars (where they belong) in Germany alone.  They are still carrying out acts of violence in Greece nearly every week.  And in France, Meric’s home country, they have an extensive history of violence and many, unsurprisingly have criminal records.

As far as the young Meric’s humanity is concerned, I truly feel for his family and find it sad that the life of someone so young ended in such a violent way, sentiments that, doubtless few on his side of the fence would feel for any one of us had we been on the receiving end of such brutality.  But as far as France is concerned, and the rest of the Western world, none of these atrocious acts should come as a surprise, and none of the acts of violence and murder carried out by the Left against nationalists should be swept under the rug and forgotten.

It has been said before by many in nationalist circles, but allow me to once more state what should be overwhelmingly obvious to everyone of every political persuasion:  none of these tragedies would be happening if whites, who comprise only around eight percent of the world population, had their own nations free of the destructiveness of multiculturalism and rot of a never-ending and deliberately designed influx of Third World immigration.

Market, Paris 18e

Market, Paris 18e (Photo credit: Tom Spender)

It has to be said that while we do not condone acts of violence, we are certainly not surprised by any of it, and the key to ending it is giving us back our countries.

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1 Response to On The Happenings In Paris

  1. These anti-whites are so desperate to get at the people whom the anti-white sysem has marginalized that they will go to any amount of degredation to get at pro-whites. Including street-fighting, which seems commonplace.

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